Gummy Smile
Gummy Smile

Gummy smile is the appearance of the gums more than they should. As the visibility of the gums increases, the teeth appear larger and the aesthetic appearance is removed.

The treatment of gummy smile, which can be caused by many reasons such as thinness or excessive mobility of the upper lip, excessive growth of the upper jaw bone, growth and swelling due to various drugs, can be treated with many different methods, depending on the source of the problem. This treatment; It can be done with laser, traditional tooth lengthening methods or botox.

Treatments with laser and traditional methods are performed by extending the length of the teeth. The most important advantages of laser treatment compared to the traditional method are short recovery time (1-2 days), no bleeding during the procedure, and little or no pain. Botox is the treatment option for lip movements. Any pain, swelling, etc. after Botox application. are not formed and daily life can be continued. After the cause of the gummy smile is determined by specialist physicians, appropriate treatment options can be determined.

Another treatment option is surgical treatment. In surgical treatment, the hyperactive upper lip is made less mobile by removing some tissue and the visibility of the teeth is reduced in movements such as speaking and laughing.

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