Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry


In this age where everything develops day by day, dental practices have also come a long way. Aesthetic dentistry is an important part of dentistry that cumulatively improves each day. Options exist to appeal to anybody and any budget.


The main purpose of dentists in this field is to remove the appearance of the teeth that the individual is uncomfortable with and to correct their smile. For this reason, treatment is provided with special designs that vary from person to person. After examining the mouth, jaw, and facial structure of the person applying to aesthetic dentistry, the natural and ideal image is designed in the computer environment. Then, the designed draft is presented to the taste of the patient. Finally, the procedures are given a start if the patient likes the design.


What are the Aesthetic Problems in Teeth?


  • Change in the color of the tooth,
  • Existence of broken and damaged teeth,
  • Crooked or twisted teeth,
  • Gaps between teeth,
  • Tooth roots became visible due to gingival recession,
  • An aged appearance as a result of abrasion of the tooth surface,
  • Formation of white point lesions,
  • Having small side incisors.


A true diagnosis becomes crucial if the patient comes up with any of the above problems.


What are Dental Aesthetic Treatment Methods?


  • Bonding,
  • Teeth Whitening with Laser,
  • Laminated teeth,
  • Zirconium teeth,
  • Implant,
  • Pink aesthetics (Gum aesthetics),
  • Orthodontics,
  • Digital Smile Design,
  • A prosthesis is among the dental treatment methods.


Detailed information about "Teeth Whitening" and "Digital Smile Design", which are the most preferred methods in our clinic, is given below.


What is Bleaching?


Teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment method that is applied as a result of individuals who have had a color change in their teeth as a result of various external factors and want their teeth to have a healthy-looking and bright white color. The demand for this procedure, which is used frequently by dentists in recent years, continues to increase day by day.


Drinks and foods, tobacco products, and alcohol we consume in our daily life cause permanent color changes in our teeth and tooth and gum problems such as sensitivity. The most common of these problems is the formation of dark spots on the teeth and the yellowing of the teeth. If the teeth are not brushed regularly, they turn yellow over time and cause bad breath. In later stages, problems such as caries and tartar can occur.


Tea, coffee, cigarettes, acidic and highly sugary drinks that we consume frequently cause the teeth to turn yellow and thus lose their original color. At this point, the teeth whitening process is preferred to eliminate the disorders caused by various external factors.


What is Digital Smile Design?


Digital smile design, in other words, the aesthetic smile has taken its place among the most striking aesthetic works of recent times. The purpose of this process is to make the mouth structure that is not compatible with the facial features, that is, the smile, become more aesthetic through certain applications. The desired result after the procedures is expected to have a beautiful appearance as well as provide comfortable and functional use for a lifetime.


Thanks to the digital smile design, people get rid of their laughing phobia and their habit of closing their mouths with their hands while laughing. They turn into more self-confident individuals.

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