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About Us

Strong Dental Clinic is a family clinic established in 2020. In our clinic, which is located in the very city center of Alanya, we are aware of the requirements of new generation dentistry and we serve our patients with an innovative perspective in order to always keep up to date with dental technology.


At Strong Dental Clinic, we analyze our patients' needs and perform personalized treatments. We maintain our first-day excitement and continue our work to serve under international standards with our service understanding that prioritizes the satisfaction, comfort, and well-being of our customers, our dynamic and friendly physicians, and being the architect of healthy teeth and perfect smiles.


Our physicians are all specialized physicians who have received doctorate education over 5 years of undergraduate education in their fields. We direct our work by combining our vision, which prioritizes life-long learning, with the latest technology and aiming to take part in international platforms.


In our clinic, up-to-date technological treatments are applied in many areas, from laser dentistry applications to 3D dental implantology applications, from all surgical treatment methods to digital smile design. These applications are:



  • Dental Implant,
  • Restorative Dental Treatment,
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment),
  • Orthodontics,
  • Surgical interventions,
  • Jaw and Joint Disorders


We know the concerns of people with dental health problems and understand their ailments very well. We underline that you will feel comfortable rather than anxious by realizing that a great number of dental problems are faced by not only children but also by adults. We know very well that healthy teeth will change your life, forever.