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Strong Dental Clinic is a family clinic established in 2020. In our clinic, which is located in the very city center of Alanya, we are aware of the requirements of new generation dentistry and we serve our patients with an innovative perspective in order to always keep up to date with dental technology.
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Implant Treatment

A dental implant is a name given to screws made of titanium or zirconia, which are replaced with the teeth lost for various reasons. With dental implant treatment, screws placed in the jawbone serve as tooth roots. In short, we can call implants artificial tooth roots.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

The main purpose of dentists in this field is to remove the appearance of the teeth that the individual is uncomfortable with and to correct their smile. For this reason, treatment is provided with special designs that vary from person to person. After examining the mouth, jaw, and facial structure of the person applying to aesthetic dentistry, the natural and ideal image is designed in the computer environment.

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Orthodontic Treatment without braces (Invisalign)

Wireless orthodontic treatment, also known as invisalign, is a treatment performed using transparent plates. It offers a successful alternative, with its structure that is not visible from the outside and does not affect daily life, to patients who need wire treatment but are uncomfortable with the appearance of the braces in the mouth.

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