Dental Travel
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What is Dental Travel Concept ?

We offer you a treatment with advanced technology dental equipment by specialist physicians who has  PhD from prosthodontics and periodontology departments, in a wonderful city that is experiencing four seasons in Turkey, with more affordable prices than most of Europe. The expensive dental treatments became less costly because of the present conditions of the exchange differences. By this way in Turkey, holidays added to dental treatments became less costly. This dental travel concept we have created is exactly for patients from Europe and other countries of the world who want to benefit from this edger.


How does the process work ?

After contacting us, we ask for a short form in which we receive your information about your dental condition and general health condition.

In this;

1) Previously applied dental treatments.

2) Panoramic dental x-ray where we can evaluate the whole dental situation.

3) The complaint that caused you to apply.

4) General health condition? (diabetes, blood pressure, surgical operations in the last 2 years, daily medications, if any)


The treatment planning for the treatment of your complaint, which is evaluated with the form, is sent back to you on the day of your application. We make a video call about the treatment plan and for your questions. After getting the approval of the treatment plan with the interview, we arrange the ideal date for flight and accommodation reservation and inform you and make these reservations for you.

How We Arrange Flights & Accomodation ?

After agreeing on the appropriate time for the flight, we offer you two different options for accommodation in our clinic. LINK .. LINK. (* You can check Alanya hotels for accommodation options other than the accommodation options offered in our clinic.) Our team welcoming you at the airport ensures your transportation to your hotel. After reaching the accommodation destination, our team continues to provide your transportation to the clinic in communication with you.

Treatment phase ;

Your treatment planning, which has been determined before, will be explained to you face-to-face by our doctors step by step, and you will get detailed information about the procedure. Your treatment will start as explained in your planning and usually continues 1 day apart. The treatment will be completed by specialist doctors within 7 days.

* At the end of your treatment, a detailed document and invoice about the procedures applied and post-treatment dental care are delivered. All procedures applied in our clinic are determined in accordance with the prices of the Turkish dentists association and documented with an invoice.

First Day of Treatment

On the first day of your treatment, we are implementing the treatment plan we have prepared for you. Your treatment plan, which was prepared before you came to our clinic, allows the time you spend here to be short and your treatment to start without wasting time. In the first day treatments, we usually start with operations such as extraction of hopeless teeth, implant surgery or tooth preparation. Planning possible surgical interventions in advance is important for the course of treatment. For this reason, pre-treatment photographs, panoramic x-ray film and story are very important.


Generally, the first day treatments are the longest sessions of the treatment, other treatments are in the nature of the continuation and control of the treatment started in the first session. One day is needed for the healing of the gums and the preparation of the zirconium crowns in a patient who was prepared for a zirconium crown in the first session. We also need a few days for the tissue to heal in our patient, to whom we made implants. On this rest day, you can visit Kızılkule, harbor, shipyard and Alanya Castle, which is a unique example of the 13th century medieval Mediterranean defense structures, which are 7 minutes away from our clinic on foot.

Treatment Continues

The second session of the treatment is usually the rehearsal phase for prosthetic procedures and generally no invasive treatment is applied. The rehearsals are checked and the final stage is passed by taking the opinion of our patient before the end. At this stage, the crowns prepared are evaluated in terms of shape and color, as well as occlusion control and gingival harmony.


After the rehearsals are completed, the only thing to do for you is to research the beaches while we are preparing the crowns and other restorations that go to our lab for finishing. The Cleopatra beach seen in the picture is on the west side of the historical peninsula, on the shore in front of Damlataş Cave. The beach rests on the skirts of the peninsula. This natural beach, which looks like a pool surrounded by rocks, is famous for the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and the Roman Emperor Antonius swimming here. The small bay of the beach extending towards the peninsula and consisting of large stones is called Cleopatra. The feature of Cleopatra sheep is the clarity of the water. When swimming with sea goggles, it is possible to watch the natural beauty of the fish and the sea bottom.

3th Session Treatment

The third session of the treatment is the session in which the crowns are usually cemented. The application time of the treatments in the digital workflow has accelerated considerably. With the low intensity laser in our clinic, we accelerate the healing of tissues from the first session. It contributes to the healing of tissues faster than normal with its low intensity laser stimulating effect. In surgical procedures, we take care not to affect the healing of tissues by acting with minor trauma as much as possible. In implant application, we apply the implant without any incision in the gums with a surgical guide. The implants we use are high quality and Swiss products. After applying the implants, we can usually place the teeth on them within a few days. (This time may vary depending on the protocol of the implant during the surgical procedure). After this session, we give you the chance to try your new restorations for a few days. The few days you spend with your new restorations are very important to us. We invite you to check in 2 days later.

Have Fun As You Wish

After the finished treatments, we leave you a wonderful day where you will continue to tour with your new smile and happy with the end of this treatment, which is left to rest in Alanya. In general, our patients' favorite day :).


Before we take you off, we do a final check to make sure everything is complete and correct. In this control, small touches and corrections are usually made upon the complaints of the patient or if necessary.